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Frequently Asked Questions | Raleigh Rowing Center

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is RRC a sculling or sweeps program?
A: RRC is primarily a sculling program. While boat handling, safety and commands are similar in sweep rowing and sculling, the two disciplines are different enough that a sweep rower will need additional instruction in sculling (and vice versa).

Q: What type of equipment does the club have?
A: Club members have access to singles, doubles and quads as well as Concept2 oars.

Q: Is RRC an adult rowing program only?
A: Yes, RRC is an adult (18+) rowing program only. For more information about youth rowing, please go to the Triangle Rowing Club website.

Q: Does RRC offer private rowing lessons?
A: No, we do not offer private rowing lessons at any time throughout the year. If you would like to learn to row, you can attend one of the Learn To Row sessions that are held every year during 2 consecutive weekends in March, April, May and sometimes June. Once you have completed LTR, you may be invited to join as a novice member, and you will be able to receive additional instruction.

Q: If I become a member, are there specific times when I can row?
A: LTR Membership includes 2 consecutive weekends, 2 hours each day, for a total of 8 hours as well as LTR+15, which is a 15-day period following the end of LTR which allows LTR participants to gain additional rowing experience during a limited number of designated LTR+15 rows. If you are a Novice rower (i.e., <1 year of rowing experience), you may only row during a coached session or under the supervision of an experienced rower until you are given permission to row on your own. If you are an Intermediate or Masters rower, you may row any time when a boat is available during park hours.

Q: Are gift certificates available?
A: No.

Q: What is RRC's blade design?

Q: I've logged in to the website and I can view the calendar but I can't edit the calendar. Why not?
A: If your membership is past the expiration date, you will not be able to edit the calendar. LTR membership lasts for 15 days after the 4th LTR session. All other memberships (general with or without boat storage, novice or student) last from the date of purchase to December 31 of the year in which membership was purchased.

To check the expiration date of your membership, log in to the website and click here. If your membership has expired, an expiration date will not be shown and you will have to register or renew your membership by clicking here. If your membership has not expired, please contact us so that the issue can be resolved.